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  • Temporal Sequencing, (Metronome Training)Neurologic Lectures on CD And Vestibular Rehabilitation Software By Dr. Scopelliti

Temporal Sequencing; Neurologic And Vestibular Rehabilitation Software by Dr. Scopelliti

Temporal Sequencing is a metronome timing sequencing program, which allows the patient to develop motor skill and coordination necessary to develop fixed action patterns and coordinate movement.  Unlike other similar applications, this program also allows the user to integrate visual activities and ocular movements, with varying degrees of difficulty incorporated into the treatment regimen, to further promote development of the frontal eye fields and associated projections.  These rehabilitative activities have been demonstrated to be extremely effective in the management of behavioral disorders such as Attention Deficit Disorders; ADD ADHD, and many others, such as vertigo, dizziness, dystonia, imbalance and other brain injuries.  This software program has proved highly beneficial for those offering neurologic rehabilitation and/or vestibular rehabilitation to their patients.

Temporal Sequencing Price: $295   

Product Information
Our neurologic software is available to appropriately trained therapists and physicians only.  We respectfully request that you honor this policy.

Dr. Scopelliti Neurologic Lectures on CD, Neurologic Rehabilitation And Vestibular Rehabilitation Software


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